Genesys Impact builds Autonomous Vehicle (AVs) integrations and iOS, Android and web based mobility platforms

We partner with For-Hire vehicles companies to help advance and modernize their businesses to compete in today's market.

Secure and Scalable Technology

Genesys Impact’s Mobility team has expertise in the technologies that scale with your business. We adhere to strict security guidelines to ensure safety of data, while reducing costs and fraud.

Mobility Platform Features

  • Autonomous Vehicle (AVs) APIs
  • Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Smart
  • Twilio IoT Data and SMS
  • Mapbox (Mapping technology and Places API)
  • Stripe (PCI compliant secure payment technology)
  • Slack (Real-time integration friendly communication platform)
  • Segment (Integration and Data Warehouse technology)
  • Auth0 (SSO Security technology for login with Office 365)
  • MLab (MongoDB database)
  • Heroku (PaaS)
  • Microsoft Azure (Cloud hosting)
  • Amazon AWS (Cloud hosting)
  • Github (Source code repository and website hosting)
  • Intercom ( Communication Platform and Analytics)
  • Google Analytics (App usage analytics)
  • Branch.IO (App install technology)
  • Plivo (SMS technology)

    Payment Platform

    Payments are an integral part of any marketplace. When service providers are paid timely, have robust reporting, and access to manage their own payment accounts, they come back to the platform to provide great customer experiences. Payments platform are also very complex. They are vulnerable to fraud, hackers, and other bad actors. The Genesys Impact Mobility platform features a robust driver payment platform that is built on top of Stripe and PCI compliance. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. It is also the payment technology behind Lyft’s driver payment platform. Genesys Impact’s software engineer team has expert level skill in building secure payment platforms for marketplaces.
  • Method of fare calculation

    Genesys Impact Mobility platform partners with Department For-Hire Vehicle approved DTS' that are located

    Transportation Rates

    • First 1/8 mile: $3.50 (includes Passenger Surcharge of $0.25)
    • Each additional mile: $2.16
    • Wait rate per hour: $25.00
    • Wait time begins five (5) minutes after time of arrival at dispatch location.
    • No wait time charged for premature response to a dispatch.
    • Wait time charged while taxicab is stopped or slowed to less than ten (10) miles per hour for longer than sixty (60) seconds.
    • Wait time charged for delays or stopovers at the direction of the passenger.

    Extra Rates

    • Telephone Dispatch, two dollars $2.00
    • Additional passenger, one dollar $1.00 (regardless of the number of additional passengers)
    • Declared Snow Emergency Fee, fifteen dollars $15.00
    • Group or Shared Riding: as each passenger arrives at his or her destination fare due shall be paid by passenger(s) leaving the cab.
    • Shared Riding Venues: Union Station, Verizon Center or Nationals Park or other locations designated by an administrative order of the Department of For-Hire Vehicles
    • Airport Surcharge or toll paid: if any, amount charged shall be the same amount that was paid.
    • Delivery Service (messenger service and parcel pick-up and delivery): same rate as single passenger unless vehicle hired by the hour
    We Work With
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Parse
    • Windows
    • Azure
    • Mapbox
    • HTML5