6 Questions To Ask When Deciding To Make Your Business Cloud-Based

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve started to get the ball rolling toward moving your business to the Cloud. But before diving headlong, educating yourself on Cloud capabilities and deciding on the things that matter most for your business is imperative.

Does a potential provider have the programs or functionality that your business requires? How is your data protected? What happens when your business eventually changes its needs? The considerations that should be made span widely. At the very beginning, however, it’s best to start with the basics. Here are six questions to consider when making your business Cloud-based:

1. What types of cloud services does my business require, and what is my budget for these services?

In any kind of business transition, having a solid idea of what different tools you’ll need to execute your optimal change is key. Cloud-based services and capabilities are expanding every day, so there’s likely something to suit every need your business might have. With that said, it’s important to identify the Cloud functions that are most vital to your business running smoothly.

Keep in mind that the pricing of various services can depend on different factors: the number of users, the size of the data kept in the Cloud, the data usage, etc. Figuring out _what you need_ and what you’re _willing to pay_ _for_ will allow for savvier decision-making down the road and better discussion with your future service provider.

2. What is the setup process like?

It’s easy to overlook general concepts when you’re trying to iron out specific details. In this case, the literal transition to being a Cloud-based business can get overlooked in planning.

Before making your switch, ask about the details of the set-up process. Knowing what to expect will save you frustration and/or confusion in the long run. We at Genesys Impact understand that when time is money, efficiency becomes a chief priority. That’s why our professionals make setups in the Washington D.C. area fast, easy, and seamless.

Personal taste may also come into this – some people with DIY mentalities may prefer to be more involved, whereas others may just want to leave setup to the professionals. Knowing everything you need to account for and the amount of time the transition will take will make the process much smoother in the long run.

3. How secure will all my data be?

Privacy and security are usually everyone’s first concern when moving to a Cloud-based business. After all, [hacking](https://www.csoonline.com/article/2130877/data-breach/the-biggest-data-breaches-of-the-21st-century.html) and “leaks” of information are rampant in this digital age.

Having your data compromised is something that neither you or us at Genesys Impact want to happen! So, discussing the protocols and defenses your services have to prevent that is very important.

What are elements that affect this, though? Everything from customized user access and passwords, to data ownership, and even the physical location of a provider’s data warehouse is worth talking about when having a conversation about data security. Luckily, security is our expertise at Genesys Impact — we have worked with many government agencies and businesses in the D.C. area — and we’re happy to work with you on an additional security plan to ensure your data is safe and secure.

4. What happens if a device I use crashes, or I lose access?

Technology, admittedly, can be finicky. Things break, things have glitches, and sometimes despite our best efforts, information can be lost or erased. In a Cloud-based business, the accessibility of backup data plays a huge role in these situations, and shifting your business to the Cloud will decrease the chance of a shut-down or loss of data.

In the event that you need to switch to another device, system or even another provider, portability comes into play. How you access your data, how you retrieve your data, and the format of your data all matter. Don’t be afraid to look into the nitty-gritty of this — we’re happy to help answer any questions you may have.

5. Can my services scale up to match my needs as my business grows?

Technology is rapidly shifting. A strategy or tool that works now may not be as suitable two years down the road. Aside from normal upgrades and the changes that occur as a provider tweaks their product to create a better experience, your business may experience changes that require new or different functionality in order to serve your needs appropriately. Because of this, the evolution of your Cloud services is something to be noted. In general, if possible, it tends to be easiest to stay with a single provider over a lifespan, rather than switch between as needs change.  

Ultimately, being cloud-based should make it easier for your business to scale up quickly and efficiently.

Making the decision to make your business Cloud-based is a huge one, involving the consideration of so many elements and variables to find the right fit for you. That’s why our staff at Genesys Impact is here to make sure the transition is as smooth and painless as possible. When it comes to _your_ business, setting yourself up for success trumps all else. We’re looking forward to serving you and your business in the Washington D.C. area, as well as the surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia.