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Watkins Elementary School

At Watkins Elementary School, our engineers were tasked with designing and developing RCDD stamped telecommunications drawing for the cabling plant. The telecommunications cabling plant included horizontal and backbone cabling, LAN/TR, demarcation rooms, fiber and copper cabling and pathways. Additionally, Genesys Impact designed the layout for IP surveillance cameras, access control systems and intrusion detection devices.

Our technicians installed over 60,000 feet of Cat6e cable and over 1,500 feet of fiber optic cable. The access control system comprised fourteen proximity card and biometric readers. Our team also integrated DMP/RS2 access control and intrusion detection systems. CCTV Vision NVR IP surveillance cameras were installed and configured to be accessed remotely by phone.

Additionally, Genesys Impact installed and configured a complete Extrom/Shure audio-visual solution for the multipurpose room and 32 smart boards throughout the school’s classrooms.

Watkins Elementary School consists of over 40 classrooms. All work was completed in less than 30 days.