Time Management

Who’s keeping track of your employees, operations, and assets when you’re not around?

Automated Time Tracking will ensure that your properties are safe and secure whether you’re down the street or across the country.

We specifically recommend ATT for businesses that require high-security or come with potential safety hazards. This technology can ensure unauthorized persons do not have access to certain rooms or even levels of your building. ATT can also track the exact location of your employees to provide security and safety in case of emergency.

Genesys Impact has created our own Time Management tool, Crowdkeep, to provide you and your business with an all-in-one service with the following features:

  • Time Tracking: Your employees can track their hours effortlessly and effectively. Choose the type of time tracking that best fits your employee’s needs.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Keep your workforce informed with real-time alerts.
  • Audits: Stay organized by keeping your data secure, but accessible so users can stay up to date.
  • Analytics: Get the most out of your data and make more informed decisions with Crowdkeep’s easy-to-use analytics tool.
  • Wearables: Using Bluetooth and beacon technology, track workforce time and location without the need for manual inputs. Perfect for organizations with strict protocols or security and safety procedures.
  • Integrations: Crowdkeep seamlessly integrates with many payroll, accounting, and communication applications offering flexible solutions for your business.
  • Reports: Crowdkeep provides all your user’s time entries in one location and makes them easy to export and organize.
  • DCAA Compliance: Don’t worry about your next DCAA audit. Crowdkeep easily generates DCAA compliant reports for your whole organization at any time.

Whatever your needs, we’re looking forward to crafting the perfect solution for you.

Asset Management

The bigger your business, the easier it can be to lose track of shipments or inventory — we’re here to ensure that never happens.

Our asset management options are cost-effective, high-tech, and will ensure your projects are organized and on track. Our tracking system will also ensure you’re always on top of your inventory and business plan.

We offer two types of trackers:

  • Fixed Trackers: Perfect for large warehouses full of products. These trackers will map your items and keep your inventory organized.
  • Mobile Trackers: These trackers can be placed on the actual assets and can help you to identify the product before opening the shipment at your location.

Both trackers are modeled on BLE Beacons, which are weather-resistant, water-repellent, and have a four-year battery life.

We’ll work with you to figure out which type of tracker is best for your business. We’ll then provide you with a strategy to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the system, and we’ll always be available for any support or maintenance down the road.

Facilities Management

Want to get more out of your workday at the office using the latest in technology? Any ordinary office building can become a smart building when cloud applications are installed.

Imagine pulling into your work parking lot and getting notified from an app where an open parking spot is located. Imagine pulling up a map on your phone telling you where the next open desk is before you even enter the room.

At Genesys Impact, we work with Intel, Aruba, Juniper Networks, Cisco, and Cisco Meraki to transform your office into a state of the smart office. With a corresponding app that you download to your phone, a smart office will help you simplify even the most challenging tasks.

Other great technology of the smart office features wireless technology in conference rooms, including charging pads on tables and wireless monitors to make collaboration with your partners effortless. These are just a few of the many operational systems that Genesys Impact helps install to make your vision of a smart office come to life.

We believe that these features are vital to your company’s success. Genesys Impact will handle all the installation, consulting, and infrastructure needed. With the latest state of the art technology Genesys Impact uses, the future is now!