Development & Operations, known as DevOps, is an approach to crisp software delivery that allows closer collaboration between lines of business and IT operations. In the past, development and operations have been separated, but now DevOps combines them, minimizing the time needed to manage customer feedback and saving money.

The DevOps techniques we offer includes LaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. We are happy to work with the infrastructure of your choice, including but not limited to public clouds (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud), hybrid environments, on-premises, and private clouds.

Big Data Analytics

Discover consumer trends hidden in seemingly scattered points of data or obtain crucial information about worker productivity.

Our Technologies:

  • Data Mining: We help to find patterns from what looks like an overwhelming amount of data. This information can help your business make more informed decisions and assess complex situations
  • Data Management: You need a system that will continually organize your data to make it reliable for your use.
  • Hadoop: To perform big data analytics, you need a programming framework that can process various volumes of data. We provide you with these features and with the added benefit of open source framework.
  • In-memory analytics: Increase your company’s dexterity by gaining the ability to analyze your data from system memory. This allows you to quickly determine insights on the latest sets of data and empowers you to make more informed decisions.
  • Predictive analytics: Use your data to predict the future. Use statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques to calculate potential results by using the data you already have. We help you calculate risk or help you manage your operations. This technology can help you make the best decision and feel confident in the future.
  • Text mining: Our technology allows you to scan any place on your website or platform to highlight patterns or trends. You can analyse comment sections, books, emails, or other text-based sources on either your in-house network or public documents such as blogs.
  • Mongo DB: Mongo Databases are flexible to give you a competitive edge so that no data gets left behind or delayed.
  • Cassandra: This system offers you the highest performance in data recovery and storage and are made to handle copious amounts of data by storing them across several data centers, so your data will never be slow to load or crash.

API and System Integration

With an Application Program Interface (API) allows companies and CIOs to make alterations to their IT infrastructure without disturbing its current state. In other words, there will be no “down time” while re-structuring your system, so your business can continue running as normal.We provide API Development, Management, and Security services as well as enhancement of existing API's.

Cloud Applications

Looking to cut costs, increase efficiency, store data, and scale up? We work with Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Windows Azure, and Rackspace Hosting to transform your hosted business into a scalable, reliable, and differentiated platform.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application Services are the center of a business’s technological growth. Our applications provide you with this dexterity to maintain your competitive edge while remaining cost-effective.

We provide:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Application Management Services
  • Customer Service Applications